Thrive Scholarship

Thrive Scholarship Application x WITPGH

WITPGH is happy to present two scholarships to Thrive, a cohort designed to:
*Help leaders in your company unlock their true potential with monthly introspection
*Teach strategies for moving from awareness to ACTION
*Provide a community of accountability partners as women apply new learnings and best
*Practices from their peers across companies and industries
*Share healthy new habits that heighten performance and maximize productivity
*Deliver practical solutions to their most pressing personal and professional challenges
*Outline methods for addressing stress and managing burnout

Please fill out the application below to apply.

Applications are due September 10th. Winners will be selected the week of September 16. The cohort begins October 19th.

How to qualify: Be a women or femme identifying person in the Pittsburgh area in tech.

Other considerations:
Please note that this is an eight month commitment (2hrs/month). It is not recommended you apply if you do not believe you can commit this time. WITPGH would be happy to discuss other growth opportunities if this one is not a good fit.
Recommended for women who are beginning or in their professional careers, who have a growth mindset.

Thrive Scholarship Application x WITPGH