The Come Up Series: Golang Mini Academy – Jes (she/her), Associate Software Engineer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

What interested you in learning Golang with WITPGH?

To expand my programming language knowledge. Go seems to be used by more companies recently.

What is one success that you are the most proud of in your tech career? 

Automating various task to minimize needed work time. I was able to automate the validation of backfill files we get from other EHRs.

What is one challenge or barrier that you have had to overcome in your tech career?

Moving from an IT Analyst title to be a Software Developer. I had to show my managers that I was doing the work of a Software Developer and would like a title change.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in tech today?

When in college internships are extremely important. Most companies are looking for people with experience. Being flexible where you live also helps open up opportunities.

The Come Up Series was designed to target new, sought after skills for women within the tech industry. With many women in tech programs focusing on introductory skills, the Come Up series offers an in-depth look into hot topics within the tech world, such as programming languages, information security methodologies, or project management skills. It’s focused on helping entry-to-mid level women explore topics of interest and to allow companies to upskill within their own ranks.