The Come Up Series: Golang Mini Academy – Erika Hernández (she/her), Software Developer

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What interested you in learning Golang with WITPGH?

I was interested in discovering a new programming language guided by an instructor and to find a way to make use of it in the IT field. I was also interested in meeting new people, sharing experiences with them and learning from their experiences.

What is your favorite aspect of programming?

I like to help people with the release of tools that help them in their everyday life. That makes me feel special, because I can impact the life of many people with what I do and, at the same time, is focused to be util to them. I enjoy learning new technologies, keep preparing myself is one of my best hobbies.

What is one success that you are the most proud of in your tech career?

I have participated [in] different projects and I am proud of take part in the design of them, I have make proposals of designing in some of the projects I have worked to, and they have been accepted by leaders and project owners. My proposals have been related to architectural solutions and choice of technologies for different tasks. I think [it] is very important to share ideas and be participative into the team. I am proud of being participative and share knowledge.

What is one challenge or barrier that you have had to overcome in your tech career?

I think the biggest challenge I have had was to make myself notable into teams that are made mostly by men. It is said that there is a culture of inclusion with women in tech around the world, but there are still many companies that do not do anything against sexism.

What intentions have you set for yourself personally and professionally this year?

I want to learn Golang and become a fullstack developer with ReactJS. Those are the technologies that make me feel comfortable to code. I want to be a strong developer on them and I also would like to get an AWS certification. I also want to get a job out of Mexico.

What would you say to your former self before you moved into a tech career?

Well I have a Computer Science Bachelors degree and 4 years of experience on IT, so I think I have always been interested in this field.

What motivates you? Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration on having new experiences, meet people and continue growing and improving my IT career.

What’s something you enjoy that is not related to work?

I enjoy doing exercise, I like playing squash with my brother and traveling around the world.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that your colleagues might not know about.

I am addict[ed] to drinking tea.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in tech today?

I would say, just do it, it is much more easy than you think and you could meet new interesting people, and make friends around the world.

What is the best way to reach out to you?


The Come Up Series was designed to target new, sought after skills for women within the tech industry. With many women in tech programs focusing on introductory skills, the Come Up series offers an in-depth look into hot topics within the tech world, such as programming languages, information security methodologies, or project management skills. It’s focused on helping entry-to-mid level women explore topics of interest and to allow companies to upskill within their own ranks.