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What interested you in learning Golang with WITPGH?

I wanted to join a community of strong, intelligent, and like-minded folks to learn new skills and develop new friendships.

What is your favorite aspect of programming?

Discovering new problems that challenge me, and being out of my comfort zone.

What is one success that you are the most proud of in your tech career?

Believing that I am capable of doing it after years of being told women don’t belong in STEM.

What is one challenge or barrier that you have had to overcome in your tech career?

Getting a seat at the table!

What intentions have you set for yourself personally and professionally this year?

This year, I am committed to skill development, and I am working on: 1. Finishing this academy 2. Taking a hard-core machine learning class 3. Writing and publishing my first paper using deep learning as the main method

What’s something you enjoy that is not related to work?

Long hikes with my dog.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that your colleagues might not know about.

I am Croatian!

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in tech today?

Don’t let analysis paralysis stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. Take a leap of faith and wonderful things will happen! 🙂

What is the best way to follow, find, or reach out to you?


The Come Up Series was designed to target new, sought after skills for women within the tech industry. With many women in tech programs focusing on introductory skills, the Come Up series offers an in-depth look into hot topics within the tech world, such as programming languages, information security methodologies, or project management skills. It’s focused on helping entry-to-mid level women explore topics of interest and to allow companies to upskill within their own ranks.

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