The Come Up Series

The Come Up Series will bridge that gap between entry and mid-level skills, giving you what you need to scale.

The courses in this series will target newer, sought-after languages for programmers, as well as other tech skills to expand your expertise.

Many women in tech programs simply focus on the introductory skills. We aim to provide an opportunity to elevate and expand those skills.

This series is designed as a way for you to take success into your own hands, while also providing an opportunity for companies to encourage up-leveling in their own ranks as well.

Interested in a customized curriculum to fit the needs of your company?

Expand the skills of your employees and keep your team on the cutting edge!

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Get exposure for your company and access to grads educated with sought after skills!

“The dismal findings show women, regardless of age, are more likely to occupy junior-level roles. It also shows that the seniority chasm widens with age, with women over 35 being 3.5 times more likely to occupy a junior position than a man. Shockingly, 20.4 percent continue to occupy junior roles, compared to just 5.9 percent of men in the same age bracket.” -HackerRank

“An estimated 865,000 women left the workforce altogether in 2020, compared to 216,000 men. These issues will have far-reaching consequences for gender diversity in leadership pipelines. One report estimated it will take 99.5 years to reach gender equity.” -Tracy Byham, Forbes