Alison Falk

“I founded WITPGH initially because I was inspired to build what I wanted to see in the world. I continue to align myself with this amazing org because I love our team and am inspired by our mission to bring innovative ideas to life and support other women in the process.”

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Communications: Marissa Russo (she/her)

Marissa Russo

“I love WITPGH because it gives the opportunity to help diversify the Pittsburgh tech community and invest in the next generation of femmes entering the industry. I love our organization’s intimate feel and our realistic views and approach of tech in Pittsburgh.”


Courtney Sage

“The WITPGH team is always inspiring and I feel proud to be able to work alongside people who are so passionate about creating the change they wish to see in our community. They held space for me as I entered the tech industry and continue to encourage me to grow. Our mission and vision allows me to play a part in creating opportunities like this for others.”


April Jackson

“My passion for supporting women and every intersection of womanhood was realized when I came onto WITPGH. My work with WITPGH is not limited to women it is work that is about social progress for all, I am grateful for this. In life I have found it is rare to really have the experience of doing what you truly value as a job and working for this organization, with this community has made this a reality.”



Gina Estelle

“WITPGH is an organization that goes out of its way to be intentional about intersectional identities of other women working in tech. I felt that the leadership had a strong sense of mission for this work that should be accessible to women from all walks of life.”

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Cleavon J. Blair

“I want to do my part in ensuring that all people have a voice in this industry.”

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Nicole Young

“It is because of the work of this organization that I had the courage to continue to pursue tech despite feeling overwhelmed and isolated by the industry.

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Olga Pogoda

“As someone who had no guidance in the tech industry, I am happy to help other women that come behind me.”

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Katie Mominee

Katie Mominee

“It is so inspiring when you are able to help someone accomplish their goals, overcome their fears and succeed.”

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