96. Neena Zona – Digital and Creative Recruiter

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“In May I had the amazing opportunity to get on stage in front of 2,000 of my company’s leaders in Orlando and share with them my story and experiences with joining TEKsystems. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend our national meeting since only about 10 people from every office are chosen to go and I was amazed that they would let someone 10 months into their career tell people 20+ years into their career what they are doing right and where they are going wrong. It all started out with me speaking in front of 50 people but turned into me speaking in front of everyone that attended (not to mention it is recorded for anyone in the company to watch) after the board of directors heard my story. In that moment I was extremely proud of how far I had grown not only professionally but also personally. “


Tell us a little bit about what a typical day looks like for you.


Every day is different for me, which makes my job so exciting! Most of the day I am out meeting with impressive people in Pittsburgh learning about what they do, what drives them in their current job, and how I can help them make the next step in their career. When I am not at work I am working on a variety of different projects including my own side business.


How do you stay passionate in your career?


I take passion in knowing that I have the opportunity to help someone every day I come to work. What makes my job rewarding is when I am able to help someone break into a new career path, get back into the workforce, or find a job that they love going to every day.


Did you have a traditional path into tech (i.e.: CS/IT degree transitioned into tech job)?


I help people find jobs in the IT space. I would never have thought that going to school for public relations would have lead me to work for an IT staffing agency but it is an industry that is ever-changing and always keeping me on my feet.


Are there any apps, software, or tools you cannot live without?


Thanks to my manager I now live by my Wunderlist app, it has allowed me to take the many things I need to accomplish for the day and write them in a list that is accessible from my laptop and phone instead of writing everything on sticky notes and losing them.


What’s your favorite thing about being a woman in tech?


I love being able to help educate other young women on what a career in tech looks like as well as being able to help them map out how they can achieve it. I also love being able to educate women on local market trends and pay rates to make sure that they are being paid what they deserve.


What is a piece of advice you would give to others wanting to or currently pursuing a career in tech?


Be curious and never be satisfied.


Favorite quote:

“some women fear the fire, some women simply become it…”