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Monica Tedjame Mortty:
Business Analyst Spotlight

How did you find your role as a business analyst?

I started my post-college life as an accountant at IBM.  We had to perform monthly, quarterly, annual analysis of our financial results but I found the job(s) rather uninspiring and, dare I say, boring.  The timing of my move into a Fixed Asset Accountant role aligned with IBM’s strategic goal of consolidating and centralization accounting practices. I proposed our organization be the first to move our fixed asset accounting to Raleigh, NC.  Once my name became recognized throughout the accounting organizations for this centralization effort, our corporate accounting organization sought me out to join their team which was tasked with creating and consolidating a global chart of accounts.  I had so much fun transitioning our fixed asset accounting to Raleigh that I jumped at this newest opportunity, and I loved it.  I loved talking with the other accounting organizations to understand their business processes, their challenges, their requirements.  I loved analyzing the new application and figuring out how to transform and migrate our books to the new tool. That role led to the next role at a small accounting software company as an implementation consultant.  Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until 2004 (a couple of roles later) that my actual title at an organization was “business analyst.” Meanwhile, I have been a business analyst my entire career.

What is the skill you use the most as a business analyst? 

Critical Thinking.  As a critical thinker, I ask probing questions that help gain insight and understanding of the business problem(s).  No two projects have the same list of questions; normally one answer will lead to the next which is another reason thinking through problems logically and objectively is a definite must. As a critical thinker, I am also better able to fairly and effectively resolve issues that may arise during a sprint.

What is an example of a day in the life of a business analyst? 

One of things I appreciate the most about the “day in the life of a business analyst” is that every day is brings its own set of priorities…. depending on the day of the sprint.

 What are morning or evening routines that support you in your role?

  I’m the queen of a To Do list.  In order to prepare for my day, I create a to do list at the end of the previous day. I also review my upcoming meetings to ensure preparedness. One of my most valuable “routines” is I write user stories to breakdown complex features in the quiet hours of the morning/evening.

Monica- business analyst

Monica Tedjame Mortty has a keen mind, an amazing presence. She has brought these attributes into the tech world with her 25+ years of experience in Information Technology and Software Development. Monica’s keen insight helps to get to the root of an issue and prioritize what is essential. Monica discovered her love of software implementations early in her career during a time of consolidation and centralization of accounting processes. She has traveled and worked in the United States and abroad bringing her expertise to others. Over the years, she has continued to strengthen her innate ability to gather and define requirements, differentiate needs from wants, and prioritize planned and unplanned work. Currently, Monica works in Information Technology as a technical product manager specializing in data that supports finance, accounting, business intelligence, and analytics across various industries. Monica is based in Atlanta Georgia and continues to live her passions of traveling the world, taking in her yoga practices and enjoying time with her family.

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