Hacking Barriers Spotlight: Courtney Davenport (she/her), Python Developer

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Being able to provide for myself and still pursue new goals is a huge to me and I’m thankful to be on this journey.”

What prompted you to explore a career in tech?

I enjoy the challenging and problem solving aspect of it. Plus when I was first introduced to it some parts just “clicked”.

What is your ideal tech job?

I don’t have one as of now. I can see myself using Python in data analyst roles, but I also want to learn other languages and get into front-web development.

Tell us a little bit about what a typical day looks like for you.

My typical day during the pandemic is rolling out of bed at 7:30 to log into work by 8. I take an hour lunch at some point and then log off for the day at 5. After that I have to take a break from my laptop so I either watch tv, listen to music, or nap. Afterwards I log back onto my laptop to study or do any other work that requires my computer. Hopefully I can add working out back into my routine.

How do you stay motivated to get your tech degree work done?

Staying motivated is kind of tough. I’ll have spurts where I’ll study 4+ hours a day and then nothing. The great thing is once I do start studying for the day it’s hard for me to stop. I guess my most motivating factor is that I know other people in the cohort are also working towards finishing and I don’t want to be left behind.

Who are your biggest fans and cheerleaders as you pursue this certificate?

Probably my cohort, mentors and boyfriend 🙂

What’s your favorite study snack?

Coffee or energy drink and water lol. Eating distracts from typing/writing too much.

What’s your trick to destress?

Meditation! Taking a moment to breath and center myself does wonders. After that its probably music and/or wine.

Are there any apps, software, or tools you cannot live without?

So far Google and Github have been my best friends for finding solutions. Slack has also been really helpful.

Do you volunteer or have any charitable work you want us to know about?

I haven’t been able to volunteer as much as I’d like, so doing more is definitely a part of my 2021 goals.

My biggest thing is learning how to have faith in my abilities. Just because others may doubt you doesn’t mean you need to doubt yourself.

If you’ve ever had to face obstacles because of perceived identity, can you give advice on how you overcame them for those reading who may be going through something similar?

My biggest thing is learning how to have faith in my abilities. Just because others may doubt you doesn’t mean you need to doubt yourself. We’re all successful in our own ways, we just have to believe it.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Hacking Barriers cohort?

The accountability it provides because I know people are keeping track of the work I do. Plus the workshops have been nice.

If you had to pick an intersection of tech what would it be? And Why? (Ex: TechXArt, TechXFashion, TechXSocial Good)

Hmm haven’t thought about it, but TechXSocial Good simply because I want to help the world become a better place and I’m very much interested in the nonprofit world. I want to be able to help the people around me.

What is a piece of advice you would give to others who want to apply for a tech Bootcamp or something you wish you could tell your past self?

If you have the interest and the time then apply! You’ll never know if it’s for you or not until you try it out. Also be open minded, if you don’t like it there are plenty of other languages and programs out there.

Tell us about a time you felt extremely accomplished in the past couple years.

Just being where I am today mentally, financially, and educationally is a huge accomplishment for me. In 2016, I had to stop going to school, lost my father, and lost a job. By 2019 I graduated with my Bachelors, was 2 years into my full-time job(with benefits) and was in a much better place emotionally. Being able to provide for myself and still pursue new goals is a huge to me and I’m thankful to be on this journey.

Favorite Motivational Song?

Those Who Wait- Daley

Favorite quote?

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.”

Where can we find you?


Twitter/IG @C_claryse

Hacking Barriers is a remote learning collaboration to decrease barriers of entry into the tech industry by  WITPGH  in partnership with Team Treehouse + The Center On Interracial Relationships + Neighborhood Allies.  The cohort features an entirely remote learning and support program for BIPOC women that employs a multi-pronged approach to the popular bootcamp method of learning programming and design related technical skills. The program includes local networking and work-life balance resiliency workshops with a structured 6 month online technical bootcamp featuring tracks for Python, Front-End Web Development, Full-Stack Development, User Experience, and PHP.