What is WITPGH?

501c3 non-profit organization aiming for tech equity and advocacy through digital literacy and autonomy

Who is WITPGH?

a queer-led organization and community of women and allies championing for the diverse and intersectional experience in tech

What does tech equity mean to us?

Tech equity eliminates barriers to entry such as cost, connections, resiliency and identity navigation in business and technology for people who have historically faced those barriers

What programming does WITPGH offer?

Holistic education that supports people as they break into tech or up-level their tech career through teaching necessary skills, such as prerequisites for a tech bootcamp or career, as well as work/life balance and wellness workshops.

Do I need experience to attend WITPGH programming?

It depends on the program! Hacking Barrier is an entry-level program and The Come-Up is a mid-level program.

Are there scholarships for WITPGH programming? How do I apply?

Yes. Make sure you follow us on social media and receive our newsletter to stay up-to-date for scholarship opportunities.

How can I get involved in WITPGH?

Send us an email at hi@witpgh.org or visit the CONTACT page on our website and let us know how you would like to get involved. Find out more at our WORK WITH US or PARTNERS page.

How will my financial contribution be used?

Financial contributions are used to pay our staff, our administration costs, operating expenses, scholarships, marketing, and events.