Our goal is to provide holistic education for women that wish to break into tech or excel in the tech industry.

WITPGH wants to go beyond education to support you in ways that are often overlooked and disregarded.

Our programming is designed to carve out equity by building skill sets that extend digital literacy and autonomy to those who need it most.

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WIT- iridescent 2 circles

As Pittsburgh evolves from the City of Steel to a city of technology, women remain highly underrepresented. In fact, studies show that women hold only 25% of the tech jobs in Pittsburgh – some would argue these numbers are even lower.

When broken down further on a national level, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 5% of computing jobs are held by Asian women, 3% are held by Black women, and only 1% held by Latinx women. Moreover, Pittsburgh ranks very low on the best cities for women in tech to work and live. We are number 46th to be exact

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