Monica Tedjame Mortty

Reading Time: 3 minutes Monica Tedjame Mortty: Business Analyst Spotlight How did you find your role as a business analyst? I started my post-college life as an accountant at IBM.  We had to perform monthly, quarterly, annual analysis of our financial results but I found the job(s) rather uninspiring … Continue readingMonica Tedjame Mortty

Soft Skills

Reading Time: 3 minutes The High Value of Soft Skills “Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know.” -Marcel M. Robles Soft skills are the intangible attributes that help individuals effectively interact and communicate with others. While technical skills are essential for many … Continue readingSoft Skills

Jordan Hillman Spotlight

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jordan Hillman,Enterprise Renewals Account Manager Jordan Hillman is an Enterprise Renewals Account Manager at Boomi. When she is not obsessing over customers, negotiating contracts, or working internally with co-workers you can most likely find her passionately networking everywhere she goes. Most likely doing it with … Continue readingJordan Hillman Spotlight

Nadine Douds: QA spotlight

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nadine Douds, Quality Assurance Spotlight How did you find your role as a QA engineer?  My entire life I have been blessed/cursed with the gift of noticing anything and everything. I don’t seek things out; they pop out at me. While fellow humans in standard … Continue readingNadine Douds: QA spotlight

Resume Tricks

Reading Time: 5 minutes How to Craft an Incredible Resume Ready to write a resume that will land you that job you have been dreaming of? It can sometimes feel simple and other times intimidating! Where ever you are at in the process, we are gonna give you all … Continue readingResume Tricks

Hannah Sutor PM Spotlight

Reading Time: 2 minutes Product Manager Spotlight with Hannah Sutor How did you find your role as a PM?  Originally, I was a software engineer. When I started constantly asking my business counterparts why we were doing a certain thing, or if I could join the customer meetings, they … Continue readingHannah Sutor PM Spotlight