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Katie Mominee

Why did you choose to align with WITPGH? 

WITPGH’s values align with all of my interests. It is my goal to help women succeed and elevate within the tech industry.

What inspires or motivates you? 

My motivation is to help others to succeed. Everyone faces challenges and it is so inspiring when you are able to help someone accomplish their goals, overcome their fears and succeed. It is even more inspiring when that individual then goes on to do the same to create a cycle of success.

Piece of advice for someone getting into tech …

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Tech is cutting edge, exciting and challenging. Use your network of resources and if you don’t have a network build one. Join organizations such as WITPGH where you can feel comfortable being vulnerable, building skill sets from the ground up and breaking into the industry.

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