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Gina Winstead

Why did you choose to align with WITPGH? 

WITPGH is an organization that goes out of its way to be intentional about intersectional identities of other women working in tech. I felt that the leadership had a strong sense of mission for this work that should be accessible to women from all walks of life. The technology sector in Pittsburgh has been gatekept for too long and I recognized the ability of this team to execute true equity initiatives that will level the playing field.


How did you become a person/woman in tech? 

I started building my connection to folks working in the sector and a referral from an old coworker came in for a non-technical role at a cyber security company. My first role was as a SDR (sales development representative) and I knew I needed to grow my experience from there.


What are your passions, in tech or out? 

I love working at the intersection of people and Tech. Helping HR teams reach new talent pools in tech so that their companies can thrive with innovation and reach new inclusive markets.


What inspires or motivates you? 

I love hearing about folks who have made the pivot into Tech after a career in other fields. Seeing them finally land jobs at organizations they never pictured themselves in is very inspiring. I wish I had programming like this when I was at a career transition and the more I can do to provide these opportunities to new underrepresented groups, the better.


Piece of advice for someone getting into tech…. 

Just keep showing up and connecting at Tech networking events. Highlight your transferable skills and turn your passion in other areas into an intersection to enter into Tech.

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