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Cleavon J. Blair

Why did you choose to align with WITPGH?

 Technology is a rough business when it comes to everyone having a voice.  I want to do my part in ensuring that all people have a voice in this industry.  I figure, if we’re all spending money on tech (tech companies), then we all should have the ability to work in this space. So aligning myself with WITPGH, and other organizations, allows me to help others have a voice in the technology industry, whether that is having a voice as an employee or as a tech business owner.


How did you become a person/woman in tech?

I became a person in tech when I stumbled into a programming class by accident.  In short, I was a Psychology and Chemistry duel major with the intent of becoming a psychiatrist.  I decided I wanted to do something different and signed up for a programming class by accident and I ended up loving the class, and programming, and 20 years later, my life has revolved around the technology industry.


What are your passions, in tech or out?

My passions are helping people bring business ideas to life and helping people make their first dollar in their own businesses.  In short, I help people see that they can do more than what they’re currently doing to make their dreams and goals come to fruition.


What inspires or motivates you?

Having the ability to create what I want to create, in tech, business or art, for profit or not, is what truly motivates me.


Piece of advice for someone getting into tech…

Figure out why you want to get into technology.  If you’re doing it just for the money, you won’t last very long.  It’s a tough business/industry that is based on continuous education and learning and you have to have the stamina, mental and physical, to keep moving forward with technology.  Also, technology is not just programming, it’s called a tech business for a reason — there’s no sustainable tech without business.  In short, there are great business roles in the tech industry that are just as valuable as the tech itself.

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